Estate Planning

Developed estate planning for $35,000,000 estate for three generations and instituted regular family meetings to monitor same and inculcate younger generations in values of senior family members.

Fiduciary Litigation

Successfully probated estate and litigated a competency challenge in Florida probate court to uphold estate planning previously done.

Estate Planning; Trust Administration

Arranged a comprehensive valuation of fine and decorative arts for Florida family to assist with wealth transfer and maintain family comity. Implemented fair transfer process amongst children. Serving as fiduciary.

Estate Planning; Fiduciary Litigation

Negotiated and implemented trust modifications to multi-generational trusts of nationally prominent business family to accommodate different investment opportunities and segmentation.

Estate Administration

Successfully handled New York estate administration with difficult facts.

Estate Planning; Trust Administration

Prepared comprehensive estate planning and estate tax exposure review for a family with approximately $900,000,000 of assets. Implemented estate planning. Serving as fiduciary.

Asset Protection Planning

Planned and implemented offshore asset protection utilizing trust and business planning for entrepreneur.

Estate Planning

Negotiated and implemented Prenuptial Agreement to protect estate of business executive.

Audit Representation

Negotiated Connecticut Gift Tax Return audits involving discounted business interests in which Department of Revenue Services, after challenging valuation, acceded to taxpayer’s position.

Audit Representation

Negotiated Gift Tax Return Audits with IRS involving valuation dispute which resulted in no change to the taxpayers’ original returns.