Personal Planning

Tax Planning Will $3,650 – couple $2,000 – individual
Non-Tax Planning Will $2,200 – couple $1,250 – individual
Revocable Trust $4,800 – couple $2,950 – individual
Life Insurance Trust, Gifting Trust, Generation-Skipping Transfer Trust or Dynasty Trust $ 4,500
Split Interest Trust (e.g., Charitable Remainder Trust, Grantor Retained Annuity Trust or Qualified Personal Residence Trust) $ 6,700
Intentionally Defective Grantor Trust $ 5,500
Domestic Asset Protection Trust $10,500
Family Trust Company $ 3,150
Installment Sale $ 5,500
Prenuptial or Postnuptial Agreement $ 6,300

Business Planning

Limited Liability Company  $ 2,100
Limited Partnership  $ 9,600
Buy/Sell Agreement  $ 6,300

Estate Administration Fee Schedule

Includes all probate matters and estate tax filings. Final fees based upon value of gross estate of the decedent or, if different from below, a written fee agreement.

2.00% of the first $ 500,000
0.50% of the next $ 1,000,000
0.65% of the next $ 3,500,000
0.35% of all over $ 5,000,000

All other matters will be billed at the following hourly rates or statutory rates, as applicable, unless agreed otherwise:

  • Thomas B. Reynolds $ 660/hr.
  • Paralegal $ 195/hr.
  • Administrative Staff $ 100/hr.

Expedited matters: A twenty percent (20%) surcharge shall apply to expedited matters.

One-half (1/2) of the projected fee is due upon engagement and the balance is due upon first drafts of documents.

Bills will issue periodically and are due upon receipt. Late payment will result in additional fees.

*The ultimate bill may be greater if a matter is extraordinarily complicated and requires significantly more time than is typical, though such an occurrence is unusual and notice would be given to the client.